October 2020 Development Update

Another month and another update for Doctor Necrosis is ready to be shared! This month we have been focusing on adding more citizens to the town and improving the world to fit their daily tasks like blacksmithing, fishing, farming, etc.

What have we been working on?

Last month we reviewed that most of the citizens will have a set schedule of tasks they perform every day at specific times like working at their blacksmith shop or farm, while others might be more elusive, and you will have to search for them around town. So this month, we have been expanding on that mechanic for more citizens. Let’s introduce you to the new citizens in the world of Doctor Necrosis:


Name: Braden
Profession: Farmer at Laughing Oak Farm
Description: Braden tends to be a grumpy man toward newcomers, and gaining his trust is hard to do. He is a hard-working man with a big family. His wife Kiana and his son Lysander both work on the farm while his older daughter Elena is running the mill nearby. Braden will mostly be found at his farm or visiting his daughter just a short distance away.


Name: Evirek
Profession: Blacksmith at The Blade & Razor
Description: Evirek is a middle-aged blacksmith with a cocky and arrogant attitude. He can be found working at his forge in the west part of town, where you can hire him to create weapons and tools. Evirek can also be found visiting his father or enjoying a beverage at the tavern.


Name: Dentelle
Profession: Owner of Jellie’s Jars & Apothecary
Description: Dentelle is the hard-working owner of the local apothecary shop. She is very knowledgeable about most ingredients you find around the town and will be extremely valuable early on in your career. Dentelle loves her shop and spends most of her time there, but she tends to visit the cemetery every night for an unknown reason.


Name: Draven
Profession: Owner/Fisherman at Fishhead River Supplies
Description: Draven is an old man with an adventurous past as a pirate traveling merchant. His shop is filled with everything needed to explore the water around town but be prepared to listen to stories from his past of pirates that he insists aren’t about him.


What’s Next?

There’s still much work to be done on Doctor Necrosis, but we plan for an alpha release by the end of 2020 or Q1 of 2021.

We will be releasing updates throughout the entire development process and posting gameplay videos whenever possible. In the meantime, we’ll be collaborating with other Multiverse games to plan and create quests, integrate new pets, and expand the possibilities of Doctor Necrosis for our players.


Chat with our team and stay updated with the development of Doctor Necrosis on social media:

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