About Doctor Necrosis

Cure your town from plagues and various illnesses using harvested items and items collected all around the world as a medieval plague doctor.

Like any medieval village where bathing frequency is practically unheard of, you have been hired by the town to care for its citizens. Your job will be to diagnose everything from common illnesses to raging epidemics. Or who knows, maybe someone just has ghosts in their blood? No matter what the disease is, you need to diagnose the illness, research a cure for the ailments, forage, harvest for your supplies, and craft the treatment.

Crafting the proper cure with so many different illness variations isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. A medicine you made for one illness could work for a similar one, but one small variance could mean the difference between life and death. Every death that mars your reputation makes you less trustworthy and ultimately leads to you making less money for the job. Killing too many people drops your renown to the point of no return and will lead to your public execution.

While keeping the town’s residents safe is your primary job, keeping yourself safe is your primary concern. From contagious diseases to infected rotting flesh, you will need to continually create a proper mixture of aromatic items to fight off miasma.

Take care to create extra elixirs for the pets you collect that will help you on your future adventures. Each pet can be collected from the far reaches of the world and can perform unique tasks to aid you on your quests.

Do you have the skills needed to concoct the proper cures? The ability to keep yourself safe and healthy? And the endurance to collect resources from the far reaches of the world? Get started by solving puzzles, managing resources, and curing your town in the RPG world of Doctor Necrosis.


The RPG world of Doctor Necrosis has the current ability to generate more than 15,000 types of illnesses and epidemics to plague your town with more to come. You will need to master several skills and gather many resources to find the cures for all these potential variations. A medicine you made has the potential to cure another if the symptoms and test results are similar, but one wrong diagnosis could lead to you killing your patient. Death not only leads to you not making a profit, but these deaths mar your reputation as a notable doctor and make people less likely to come to you for your services.

Illnesses can come in as a simple cold or a full-blown epidemic that affects the entire town. If the whole village gets sick, collecting specific resources can become complicated but not impossible. You will need to use your wits to find alternative solutions.


Once a sick patient has been identified, you will perform tests and experiments to determine exactly what’s wrong. Using your lab results, you need to find out which virus or combination of viruses are afflicting your patient, but act quickly, or risk losing your patient and potentially getting yourself sick. You will need to continually create mixtures of aromatic items to fight off the miasma because getting sick can make it challenging to conduct research and decipher the lab results.

After your research is complete, you will need to find out where to harvest, purchase, or forage for supplies. Some supplies can be more complicated than others to find requiring you to conduct more research to figure out alternatives; if they exist.

Harvesting and Foraging

Some of the ingredients needed to craft your cures can be grown on your own land, while others may require you to go on dangerous adventures and travel to the far reaches of the world. Ingredients can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look, which is where your local shops and citizens become crucial to your cures’ success or failure. Shops are divided into the high and low markets. The high market sells pure resources and ingredients but for a higher cost, which can be difficult to obtain at the beginning. If you find a component you need but can’t afford, you can risk possibly buying the next day at the low market, but at what cost? Buying at the low market can be a risk because resources may be damaged, rotten, or no longer available.


After you have crafted your cure, follow up tests are essential in making sure it was a success. This is when you will find out if all your hard work was for nothing or if you are truly an amazing doctor. If your cure wasn’t a complete success, you could try again, but at this stage, for your patient, you will need to be careful with your next attempt.

Every successfully cured patient will lead you to become a wealthy and renowned doctor. They will reward you with money for your hard work and possibly extra gifts in gratitude for all of your trouble. Gifts can include rare and valuable resources that can help in creating complex cures for those particularly troublesome diseases.