May 2021 Development Update

What have we been working on?

Last month was a hectic month for us, and our lives got a little turbulent, and when it rains, it pours. Because of this, we didn’t get a development update out, which just isn’t like us. We went into a little more detail about this on our Discord server, as well as some sneak peeks of work in progress (If you aren’t a member, what are you even doing?). So this month, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps (mask straps?) and got back to work.

As we discussed previously, initially, we weren’t going to have any interiors done for the initial beta release, but since we pushed back our release date, we have started working on interiors of buildings to make each one unique to the townsperson who lives/works there (Our favorite so far in Regi from the Junk Drawer but don’t tell the other townspeople that)

Regi is a little messy, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you might remember the old inventory system, which was rather boring. We have started on a total revamp for the inventory system, which plays nicely with the new market system as well, so you can buy and sell goods with various shopkeepers. Included in the new inventory system is something we talked about a while ago, which is equipment slots for upgrading the aromatic items in your mask and choosing new weapons for fighting off monsters during your epic adventures.

The new market system will allow you to buy and sell items with all the shopkeepers in the game. The market UI will enable you to see your current inventory alongside the market inventory so you can see what you already have available to you and choose the quantity of items you want to buy or sell. Shopkeepers do have a limited amount of items every week, while some shop’s items will vary from day to day. Shops are divided into the High and Low Markets. The High Market sells pure resources and ingredients but for a higher cost, which can be challenging to obtain at the beginning. If you find a component you need but can’t afford, you can risk possibly buying the next day at the Low Market, but at what cost? Buying at the Low Market can be a risk because resources may be damaged, rotten, or no longer available.


What’s Next?

We will continue building out the quest and disease generation and building out the citizens, so we have at least 30 main story citizens and additional background NPCs that will have mini-quests. Adding all of these citizens includes creating schedules, generating quests, crafting storylines, and writing dialog for each one.

We will be releasing updates throughout the entire development process and posting gameplay videos whenever possible as we lead up to our demo release. In the meantime, we’ll be collaborating with other Multiverse games to plan and create quests, integrate new pets, and expand the possibilities of Doctor Necrosis for our players.


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