June 2021 Development Update

What have we been working on?

Last month we reviewed our old inventory system that went through a complete revamp and now includes equipment slots. We also showed off our market user interfaces that you would see when you visit any of the shops around town. This was just a much needed system update to integrate more complex crafting systems later on. We spent a lot of time on this, so it was modular and would allow for faster development as the game development progresses.

This month, we continued working on building interiors to make each unique to the townsperson who lives/works there. Every building will be enterable once we hit alpha for the game, and every building will be unique, and some will even include a hidden secret while staying as historically accurate as possible. We have completed 18 out of the 27 main buildings (we say main because there will be random townspeople that also have homes). Here are some of the buildings we have been working on this month:

This month, we also started working on our weather system, which will significantly impact the townspeople’s health, your ability to collect and grow resources, and which shops will be opened or closed on stormy days.

What’s Next?

We will continue building out the quest and disease generation and building out the citizens, so we have at least 30 main story citizens and additional background NPCs that will have mini-quests. Adding all of these citizens includes creating schedules, generating quests, crafting storylines, and writing dialog for each one.

We will be releasing updates throughout the entire development process and posting gameplay videos whenever possible as we lead up to our demo release. In the meantime, we’ll be collaborating with other Multiverse games to plan and create quests, integrate new pets, and expand the possibilities of Doctor Necrosis for our players.


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