December 2020 Development Update

What have we been working on?

Last month we gave all the current citizens some dialog options and started working on the actual questing system (which we have exciting plans for the larger quests). Part of the quests is the central part of Doctor Necrosis, which is diseases and how to cure them. Since the beginning, we wanted all diseases to be procedurally generated to maximize the number of diseases a player would have to cure. The plan hasn’t changed, but we have taken a much different approach to it.

Originally, the plan was to have diseases with 2-10 ailments/symptoms. Each symptom would be pulled from a master list of 45 symptoms. Each symptom would have a varying degree of severity depending on where it was selected in the list. Mild diseases would have 2-4 symptoms, Medium would have 5-7 symptoms, and severe diseases or plagues would have 8-10 symptoms. If you’re good at math, then you will start to see the problem here. With 44 ailments and even just selecting every combination of 2 ailments, that comes out to 946, which isn’t bad. The real problem comes from when you start doing all non-repetitive permutations with diseases up to 10 symptoms. Here are the amount of disease possibilities per amount of symptoms:

  • 2 Symptoms: 946
  • 3 Symptoms: 13,244
  • 4 Symptoms: 135,751
  • 5 Symptoms: 1,086,008
  • 6 Symptoms: 7,059,052
  • 7 Symptoms: 38,320,568
  • 8 Symptoms: 177,232,627
  • 9 Symptoms: 708,930,508
  • 10 Symptoms: 2,481,256,778

For everyone currently breaking out their calculators, that’s 3,414,035,482 total diseases! This number seemed a little unreasonable to me, and that’s when we decided to be a little more methodical about how diseases were generated.

For this new method, we separated all the current ailments/symptoms into separate lists depending on the severity and came up with 21 mild symptoms, 14 medium symptoms, and 9 severe symptoms. Then each disease type will have a certain amount of mild, medium, and severe symptoms associated with it which can be seen in the chart below.

Mild Disease Medium Disease Severe Disease
Mild Ailments 2 2 0
Medium Ailments 0 2 1
Severe Ailments 0 0 3
Diseases 210 19,110 1,176
Total 20,496


So, in the end, we have a possibility of 20,496 diseases with the current symptom list. While this is a lot less than the original plan, this gives us a better way to categorize all the diseases, make sure players can cure the symptoms they are presented with, and to make sure a mild disease doesn’t have severe symptoms like seizures as one of a disease (that actually happened during our testing of the first algorithm).


We have continued working on our “medical” research to ensure we are as accurate as possible when it comes to in-game items used for crafting, brewing, or just consuming. We have added more new items this month into the game and continued to work on how each one is useful to your medical profession.

What’s Next?

There’s still much work to be done on Doctor Necrosis, including adding in 30 central story citizens and additional background NPCs that will have mini-quests. Adding all of these citizens includes creating schedules, generating quests, crafting storylines, and writing dialog for each one.


We plan for an alpha release by the end of Q1 2021, and we will be releasing updates throughout the entire development process and posting gameplay videos whenever possible. In the meantime, we’ll be collaborating with other Multiverse games to plan and create quests, integrate new pets, and expand the possibilities of Doctor Necrosis for our players.


Chat with our team and stay updated with the development of Doctor Necrosis on social media:

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