Black Caffeine Studios Blockchain Experience

What is Our Team’s Experience With Blockchain Gaming?

Black Caffeine Studios has been a part of the game development community for the past 10 years. We have been a part of the planning and design phases, extending game functionality through add-ons and plugins, and even full game development. For blockchain gaming using the Enjin platform, we have already successfully developed systems to handle full interaction with Enjin’s platform.

Black Caffeine Studios is the team responsible for the backend infrastructure for Nestables, which includes inventory management, storage solutions to manage all the unique creatures, shop management with automatic item minting and distribution. Nestables was a unique project because it required a complex system to generate, store, and distribute the creature in the game called a “nestable.” During their presale, users were allowed to visit the website and purchase a completely randomized nestable from the shop with a wide variety of tails, eye shapes, ears, and other head decorations, as well as millions of color variations with various skin textures. Not only did we develop the system to view and generate nestables, but we also made the storage system display a nestable’s unique features and attributes in your Enjin Wallet.

Another great project we had the privilege to be a part of is MyMetaverse. MyMetaverse is a cross-platform project that brings multiple games and apps together to create a unique and unified gaming experience. We have worked together with the MyMeta team to bring items from the Enjin Multiverse into various games, including their flagship integration “MyMeta Minecraft.” MyMeta Minecraft is a Minecraft server that can be played right now is the world’s first blockchain Minecraft network featuring multiple minigames, exciting quests, and personal real estate. While working with MyMetaverse, we needed a way to directly sell blockchain items through the website and mint those items to a user’s wallet in a seamless e-commerce solution, and this is why we developed Nifty Basket. Nifty Basket is the world’s first plug-and-play WordPress/Enjin/Ethereum integration that allows you to start selling blockchain assets through your website within minutes. All you need is WordPress, Nifty Basket, and an Enjin subscription. We have a few other projects in development on MyMetaverse that will bring new and exciting features to the Enjin Multiverse and help support new teams with adoption and seamlessly integrating the Enjin platform into their project.