Ethereum Integration Explained

What is the Ethereum Blockchain Integration?

Blockchain Crafting: The player will be able to use blockchain materials to craft blockchain items and specialty cures. These materials will be acquired from quests in the game and by completing quests around the Enjin Multiverse. These Multiverse quests will encourage players to play other Multiverse games, acquire an item, and return to Doctor Necrosis. The crafting system recipes are all based on the symptoms and chemical makeup of the virus. Crafting the proper cure with so many different illness variations isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. A medicine you made for one illness could work for a similar one, but one small variance could mean the difference between life and death. Crafting certain ingredients together could mean death, no matter what the symptoms are.

Blockchain Cures: Cures for illnesses and diseases are a massive part of Doctor Necrosis and are the game’s main concept. Our plan is to make every cure crafted using a blockchain item to automatically turn into a blockchain cure. This means when you acquire a blockchain item and use it to craft a cure, you will lose that crafting ingredient but gain a more valuable blockchain item that can be used as a cure in-game or it can be traded or sold. This allows players to sell cures that they have the ability to make to other people who haven’t learned the skills yet.

Companions: Companions or pets can already be found all across the Enjin Multiverse, and we plan on expanding that list. Not only will Doctor Necrosis have its own pets that will act as companions on your adventures, but we are also going to bring pets and other companions from the Multiverse and give them a home inside the world of Doctor Necrosis. We plan on working with other game developers to choose what abilities their pets should have in our game. We have already worked with Nestables to adopt the resource collecting and a storing nestable cube and with MyMetaverse to bring in all the powerful Multiverse Dragons and their unique abilities to help fight hordes of monsters.